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This week I visited the beautiful Omaha, Nebraska. I have traveled quite a bit within the country and I had cornfields as expectations for this city. Boy was I wrong! On a bright and perfectly beautiful day we visited quite a few places. We started off at the famous Omaha Zoo, we walked along a bridge that went from Nebraska to Iowa, then finished our day by visiting the Old World Market District for some antiquing and a quick bite to eat. If you ever find yourself in Nebraska, I definately recommend a day trip in Omaha!

Via: Omaha Convention and Visitors Bureau


Today I am posting about the (little less than lovely) but still amazing Warrior Dash! This race is a 5k that supports St. Jude Children Hospital. This race is really really fun. You get to get muddy, jump through fire, listen to great music and a lot of other fun stuff. I suggest registering as soon as possible!

via: Warrior Dash

My goal is to live a happy and healthy life. I think a big part of that is being part of something bigger than myself. Everyone has a thousand different things that they are apart of: a work¬† community, a blogging community, a fitness community, etc. and I am dedicating Friday’s to explore different things that anyone can all be apart of. Today’s post will be about a really fun and fantastic run. Now I would not consider myself an avid runner, but I absolutely love races! Here are a few reasons why:

#1. They are great for every single  fitness level.

#2. They usually benefit a fantastic organization.

#3. They give you something fun to be apart of.

This phenomenal race is called the Color Run!

via: Color Run

This race benefits local communities and charities in the cities that participate in the run. They use a different color of holi powder to indicate each mile that you have completed and a big holi powder explosion when you cross the finish line. There are 20 US cities that will be apart of this unbelievable race! You will be sure to leave happy and pigmented!

What could be more lovely than that?